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Friday, 29 January 2010

Card with a Little Difference

Morning everyone....well I'm pleased to tell you my new little project has dried, and I've put the finishing touches together. I am really pleased with how this little project has turned out....I first thought of the idea last year, but couldn't work out how I wanted it to look. Then suddenly when I was laying in bed the other night looking at the ceiling it came to me!!

I wanted to create a card that included a recipe for a cupcake that the person could keep, but wasn't sure how to make it practically so that the card and the recipe could both be used and still look pretty. Recently I bought these new card blanks - huge oblongs - not that practical for a lot of my cards, but as it turned out perfect for my recipe cards!

I created the removable recipe card on my computer, using a lovely simple recipe that anyone can follow. I've put the main recipe on the front of a piece of pink card and the frosting recipe on the back. The pink card is embellished with a handmade paper cupcake and loads of glitter glue. Once dried I laminated this to protect it and then cut out the shape I wanted.

I then used a piece of flowery backing paper on the main card, and created a pocket for the recipe card out of plain pink paper, which I wrapped with some gorgeous ribbon. I then added the words to the front of the pocket.

Looking at my finished item I decided that the card looked a little boring when the recipe card was removed and so I decided to add one more little paper cupcake underneath the recipe card which is revealed once the recipe is removed.

I am so pleased with how this has tuned out - a very cute card for someone who you want to send a little extra something to.

I think I will try and make a whole range of these cards, covering different recipes maybe. The next one is obviously chocolate cake!!

Anyway, this is pure showing off this morning, so I hope I haven't bored you! I'm off to the boyfriend's this weekend, so probably no internet for me - how will I cope??

Hope you have a fab weekend and I'll see you next week!

Thanks for stopping by,
Wedgie Xxx

Thursday, 28 January 2010


Evening All! Hope you're all well on this rather miserable evening.

I'm a little over excited at the moment as mum just took me to our local Tescos....yes this may sound odd to you and you may be questioning exactly why this has heightend my mood...but picture this...I've been a non-driver since November thanks to one dodgy knee! Only able to go to places when somone is around to take me....this is rather limiting to be honest! Although I can't thank my lovely friends and family enough, they've all been fab over the last couple of months. This evening I was moaning about running out of the basics like tuna for my sarnies and my lovely mother offered to take me to Tescos! I spent a small fortune after wandering around for ages, but felt soooo liberated! Hee, hee!

Anyway, no challenges tonight...I just wanted to quickly share some cards I've made this evening which feature handmade champagne bottles that I've crafted. These are so simple to make, you just cut the main bottle shape out of green card, and then the lable and neck bit out of gold card. Stick them together et volia!
To add a bit of glitz I've curled and attached some gold wire to the back of the bottle and then once the bottle is secured on the card I had a little gold glitter for the bubbles!

For both of these cards I've secured the bottle using 3D foam pads, lifting the bottles off the card. This looks great when the glitter is then added to the card below. 

You can make these for loads of different occassions - they also look good with a pink bottle base and silver lables. As you can see from the second card, champagne glasses can be easily created too. I've used a gorgeous white shimmery card, and added a little more glitter glue to add some detail.

I've also been working on another project this evening, which I am very excited about as its somehting I've been dreaming up for a while now. I can't share it this evening though as its still drying at the moment...but watch this space....

Thanks for stopping by folks.
Wedgie xxx

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Hearts and Flowers...

.....isn't it lovely that its not yet 5pm and yet its still kinda light puts me in such a better mood when the evenings start getting that little bit makes me feel like I can go home after work and actually do something with my spare time. The darkness of winter just makes me want to curl up somewhere warm!

Today I found a lovely challenge on the Allsorts Challenge Blog, which I found when surfing the internet. Their blog is so gorgeous and colourful and they run weekly papercraft challenges on a Saturday. This week they would like projects that include hearts and flowers, and the DT have come up with some lovely ideas - take a peek here. So without further ado here is my card:

I've used the hearts and flowers theme, but steered away from the obvious Valentines images and instead plumped for a colourful girlie Birthday card. I've used a square white square, which has a layer of bright pink paper on it. I then used a gorgeous new flowery paper from the Forever Friends range, it comes in their Pink Parfait paper pack. I just love the blues and pinks. I then created a little cupcake out of paper and decorated that with mini heart punches. I decided on a blue sentiment to match the blue flowers on the backing paper.

While I was making this card I thought about this week's Cupcake Craft Challenge where they are asking for a matching set - it can be anything...a card and bookmark maybe or a card and gift tag. Take a look at the lovely DT designs here. I've never really made a matching set before, thats far too organised for me!! So I decided to give it a go and came up with this little tag to go with my card.......

I've used exactly the same papers as before and the cupcake is made up in the same way too. I've simply layered them slightly differently and attached a ribbon to the top.

I don't know about you, but I think they make quite a cute pair! A nod towards spring perhaps??

Thanks for stopping by, I'll see you soon....
Wedgie xxx

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Stylish Birthday Wishes

Evening All....I can't believe I haven't blogged since last Friday! Spent the weekend at my boyfriends and he still hasn't sorted out his internet connection!! Honestly!!

Anyway, here I am...the knee is still dodgy, I'm still not driving, but at least I'm still crafting away! I had dinner with my friend last night - she cooked me chicken in black bean sauce with rice...very nice indeed....the rice was rather interesting though...looked a bit like mash as her hubbie told her! Nevertheless is was lovely - thanks Sheree!

So, another week and another challenge.....over at Secret Crafter Saturday Challenge they have set a colour theme challenge this week....and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it....purples and greens...fab! Anyone who knows me knows I love the colour purple and to add a dash of green is just brilliant! Take a look at the wonderful DT designs here, just gorgeous! Lorna is you're reading take a peek because there is the cutest little tortoise card there!

For my birthday celebrations one year I went out clubbing in a long light green dress, which I accessorised with amazing purple shoes - I tried to find a decent photo to show you the outfit, but all the photos were so awful, and I had quite clearly had a drink or two in most of them....ha, ha nice trip down memory lane though!

Anyway, here is my card for the challenge - kinda inspired by my previous birthday outfit.....

I've used a white square card for this one, topped with gorgeous dark purple card and then a green backing paper. I've used purple ribbon and green and purple buttons to accessories, along with a mini purple dress which I have cut out of the same purple card as before.

The perfect card for your stylish friend!

Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow with some more things to the meantime why don't you hunt out some old photos of yourself...take a trip down memory'll make you smile!

Thanks for stopping by,
Wedgie xxx

Friday, 22 January 2010

Not so much pink today.....

......I was asked yesterday to create a Birthday card for someone's brother - the only theme I was given was the colour blue and they wanted me to include his name, but he has no particular hobbies to include on the card. Wow! So much freedom to design what I fancied! However, as you'll all be aware from my blog my cards often turn out very cute and girlie!

After much deliberation I decided to start picking through my stash, finding all the different bits of blue paper I've got. I then sat and moved them around on a card until I came up with a layout I was happy with. This process was actually quite fun - seeing the different layouts appear before my eyes. Anyway, here is the final card, complete with sentiment written on my computer.

It took all my willpower not to add some glitter or buttons to the card! They would have looked perfect on the grey panel in the bottom left hand corner!

While I was in the mood I also decided to create some more cards that could be given to men.......

I have to say it was nice working with papers that weren't pink or purple for a change, I really enjoyed making the mini computer out of cream and grey paper.....but I did miss my glitter a little bit!

Ok, I have to admit it...there was one more card I created last night that doesn't quite fit in with the theme here....well you couldn't expect me to totally neglect my pink papers could you??

Hee, hee! Pink - check, purple - check, button - check, ribbon - check! One cute little girlie card!!

Hope you enjoyed my cards today, thank you for stopping by!

Wedgie, xxx

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Be still my racing heart......

.....I've well and truly got caught up with this Valentine lark and we're still in January!!  I don't know about you, but I can't believe it's the 20th of this month already!! Doesn't time fly when you're having fun!

Anyway, I wanted to show you this cute little card that I made before my Brownie meeting tonight (every minute counts!!)

It looks slightly better in real life - the scanner has decided to highlight my bad colouring and the sticky tabs I used to secure the vellum - neither of these show up when you've got the card in your hand!! Very weird!

I've used a square white card  as the base and secured a square of deep red backing paper on top of that. I then cut a piece of dotty vellum that sits across the whole card at the bottom. After that I got creative and drew my cute little heart runner on white paper and attached that to a square of black paper before adding it to the rest of the card. I've then embellished with two shiny red hearts, onto which I've added tiny red buttons (couldn't resist the buttons!). My sentiment reads "You make my heart race!", I created this on my computer.

I am pleased with how this card turned out.....the theme of red hearts came from the latest Caardvarks challenge. Take a look at their fab DT designs here I just love how different all the cards look!

The fab layout has come from the new Truly Scrumptious challenge, if you take a peek here you'll see the sketch that Nicole has created. To be honest I was a little daunted when I first saw it, but after looking at the gorgeous cards created by the DT I was encouraged to give it a go myself!

Before I go I want to share something that I heard on breakfast telly this morning which made me smile. Prince William is currently visiting Australia and as part of his visit he has met some children who asked him questions. There were different questions about his nan living in a castle and how much money he has. However my favourite one was whether he has a sword - beacuse he's a prince! It just reminded me how innocent children are and made me think that maybe children should be allowed to interview famous people - we'd probably find the answers to all the buring questions that no adult would ask!

Anyway, I want an early night tonight so I'll bid you farewell.
Thanks for stopping by,
Wedgie xxx

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Love note

Evening All......I survived the weekend with the Brownies! Woo hoo! It was an interesting experience as you can imagine, the girls all enjoyed themselves, but I still can't get over how many Brownies were there! If you live in the Merdian TV area in the UK you may have even seen me on the local news yesterday evening...they showed a shot of me hobbling into the centenary show! I'm the grumpy looking one in a red coat with a crutch!! Ha, ha! If you really want to see my suffering just Google the Merdian local news!

Anyway, to celebrate my survial I thought I better catch up on some challenges....I've popped over to the Secret Crafter Saturday Challenge and they are looking for projects with a musical theme. It can be anything - instruments, musical notes, singing...anything musical. A very interesting challenge this one, check out the lovely DT cards here:
I then decided to catch up with this week's Cupcake Craft Challenge...over on their blog Kathrin has produced a fab sketch to follow. Our projects need to follow the sketch, although we can rotate or flip the design (bit too clever for me!!). The DT designs can be seen here:

I suppose its about time I showed you my card that fits both be honest I'm not too impressed with myself this time, but it took me ages to make so I'm going to share it with you anyway......

With Valentine's Day fast approaching I decided to create a lovey-dovey card of the non-traditional kind! I have created a musical theme by using the musical notes in the background. I have also included lyrics from romantic love songs - although you can't see them very well in the light grey box! I found the lyrics on the internet and have included the singer's name too. Peer hard...there might be one of your favourites on there! This was the time consuming bit - picking the right songs!!

I have followed the sketch exactly as it appears on the Cupcake Craft Challenge blog, using a red, black and grey colour combo. There is a heart covered backing paper right at the back (bearly visible) and then I have layered the other shapes on top. There are the musical notes at the back, the lyrics on top of that, followed by a red circle covered in mini black hearts! There are two pieces of oblong red card to the right of the card, with a mini crystal heart placed at the top of each of them. The final piece is the big red heart and sentiment that sits on top. I mostly used my computer for this card - in fact the red oblongs and the backing paper are the only things from my craft stash!

I'm not convinced that I like my design....I'm not sure what is it about it....maybe the colour combo isn't quite right?? What do you think?

Anyway, I better get making my lovely Boyfriend his Valentine's card......he starts his new job in MOTest in Farnham just in case he stops by here I'll wish him luck! Go get them baby!

Thanks for stopping by, there will be more cards and ramblings very soon!
Wedgie xxx

Friday, 15 January 2010

Wish me luck....

.....I am sitting here waiting for my lift down to meet my Brownie Pack...where I will then get on a coach with 18 of the little darlings and head off to meet up with approximately 5000 other little darlings for a weekend of fun as part of the centenary celebrations!

Yes, you did read correctly....5000 little Brownies.....obviously they are not all my responsibility and there will be other adults there, including 3 other leaders from my pack...but its still a daunting thought!

To clam my nerves before I go I decided to do a little crafting! As it was Thursday yesterday I popped over to Cute Card Thursday's blog to read about this week's challenge. Last week was a very popular challenge...they had over 300 entries! Amazing! This week they want projects with a pink and grey colour scheme. I love the DT designs, pink and grey is quite a romantic combination I think. Take a peek here:

So, I put my thinking hat on and driven by the notion that its quite a romantic colour combo I started looking for inspiration and came up with this wedding card...

I found inspiration for this design in an old craft magazine and I just tweaked it slightly, using vellum as well as paper.

I started with my card blank and stuck down a square of plain, light grey paper. On top of this I added a slightly smaller square of vellum to give a pattern to the card. The next layer is lighter pink paper, still in a square, but smaller still. I then added a darker pink rectangle which is wrapped in the same vellum as I had used ealier.

Next I created the printed words on the computer - i've typed various romantic quotes and sayings in white ink in a light grey square. This I cut into a rectangle and added on top of the other paper. I then cut out two mini hearts out of the light grey paper and added them with a little sparkly dot.

I think this gives a very romantic little card, perfect for a wedding.

Anyway, I better head off lift awaits. Wish me luck!

Wedgie xx

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

British thanks!

Wow - its a white wonderland out there again! Although there isn't as much snow as before the roads are rather chaotic this morning! Its funny how all this white stuff grinds the UK to a halt so effectively! In try British spirit I think most people are trying their best to get on with normal life this morning - hence all the traffic jams!!

A friend of mine has some American visitors with her at the moment, I wonder how they are enjoying their wintery visit to London! She has asked me to create a thank you card with a British theme that will be going back to the States with them. I had to have a think about this make as there is so much you could put on a British themed card - the obvious being the Union Jack maybe (or at least thats what I found when I searched the internet for inspiration).

In the end I decided to use the Union Jack colours as the base for the card, although as you'll see I didn't actually use the flag itself as I wanted something slightly more unique. Instead I used blue and red paper in the background and some white ribbon. I also added a piece of map showing a bit of cenral London.

I opted for a red bus as a topper, as you find these in lots of images of Britain. I've used red and black paper for the bus and printed my thank you message on the windows using my computer. Although looking at it now I'm not sure that anyone else will realise its a bus!! Hope my friend approves!

I also wanted to add the Queen onto the card some how.....after thinking about my artistic skills I decided that trying to create the Queen out of paper would be a big mistake and so used some old postage stamps instead.

I know there are loads of other items I could have used and I'm sure people would argue this isn't British enough or question why I didn't include certain images, but I didn't want to overcrowd the card and I'm happy with how it looks - just hope my find likes it too!

Anyway, I've got to go outside and brave all this white stuff in a minute - better wrap up warm! If you're out and about today take care!

Thanks for stopping by,
Wedgie xxx

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I am soooo proud!

Evening All,

Just a little quick post this evening as I am exhausted and need to head off to bed (yes I am turning into an old lady very quickly - thanks for the reminder Lorna!!).

Anyway, I mentioned last week about the Cute Handmade blog and how I was hopefully going to feature on there...well I just took a little look this evening and there I am....well not me exactly....but 6 of my cards are there!

My profile is a little sickening....but hey ho I'm a crafter not a writer! You can see some of my cards and there is a link to my MISI shop and to here! Take a look here: I want to say another big thank you to Brooke for including me on her fab blog!

Anyway, as I said just a quick note tonight....oh one other thing too....I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has been leaving me lovely comments.

Thanks for stopping by - Night all, sleep well!
Wedgie xx

Monday, 11 January 2010

Quick Monday Morning Challenge - Going Girlie!

Morning All,

Just a quick post this morning as I have to start making my way to work soon......I've just checked out the latest Cupcake Craft Challenge and they want to see girlie projects this week....and you know me...can't beat a bit of girlie!

Here is my card......Happy Birthday Dancing Queen! I have used various coloured papers in pinks and purples to create a bright and funky background.

I used a stamped image that I got from a recent swap, coloured in by hand in my favourite colours! I added a little black glitter to the stamped image, but its a bit hard to see in this picture. I then embellished with a couple of hand stitched buttons on the left handside and some purple ribbon along the botton.

Finally I added the sentiment which I printed on my computer and backed with more pink paper!

I love this card as it makes me smile whenever I look at it!

The Cupcake Craft Challenge DT have also created some fab girlie cards - lots of ribbon, buttons and glitter! Take a look here:

Anyway, better get going! See you soon!
Wedgie xxx

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Crafts Beautiful

I wanted to share with you all one of the other things I get up to when not blogging or crafting......I'm a member of the Crafts Beauitful website....and I'd highly recommend it to all crafters out there! Its the website version of the magazine Crafts Beautiful and you'll craft projects, downloads and competitions by the bucket load.....

My favourite section however is the forum, which allows you to chat and interact with fellow crafters from around the world. We have a general chat section and individual sections for all the different crafts where you can show off your makes, ask questions and be inspired. There is also a challenge section, where you can enter various competitions. Plus there is the crafty swap section, which I love! Each month you can sign up to the different swaps (cards, jewellery, bookmarks, fridge magnets etc), make the item and send it return you'll get some elses make! Its a brilliant way to challenge yourself and see how other people make things.

This month I've entered the card swap, the jewellery swap and the bookmark swap and here are my makes:

This is my bookmark, the theme for this swap is love. I have taken a piece of red card and stamped the outline hearts on both sides of the card. Once dry I dotted around the outside edge with glitter glue. I then added black and white dotty ribbon in a bow to the front - cute and simple, just the way love should be (ha, ha!).

My second swap is the jewellery swap, and if I'm honest I am sad to see this bracelet go! The theme for this swap was pearls and sparkles and you could make either a necklace or a bracelet. I've used painted pearls in soft pinks and silver greys, along with some fantastic glitter beads in silver that I found on Ebay. The beads are all on headpins, and I've used a piece of memory wire for the base. I've kept the bracelet fairly loose, to allow the beads some movement. I don't think the photo does this one justice - its so gorgeous!

Finally we have the card swap - this month its a Birthday card and the theme is Flower Fairies. On closer inspection of my craft stash I realised I have no flower fairies lurking around - so I created this little lady myself. I sketched her in pencil and then scanned her into my computer. I'm quite pleased, even if mum says she is more a granny fairy!

This card also fits in with the Secret Crafters Saturday Challenge this week, as I have used the layout that they have given us by Jane, go and take a look at the DT designs - they are all super gorgeous this week:

So I have used the sketch exactly, allow they did allow you to rotate it. I have used a combination of pink card, a little patterened paper and two ovals that I created on the computer, along with three little blue flowers made using my trusty punch.

If you haven't already joined the fun over at Craft Beautiful its worth stopping by. You'll meet loads of fellow crafters and its great for when the inspiration runs dry!

Thanks for stopping by,
Wedgie xxx

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Weird experience.....

......I have been stuck at my boyfriend's for most of this week...stranded by all the white stuff!! I have been cut off from the internet and separated from my craft stash (I knew I needed to refill the goodies that I keep at his, but I kept forgetting!!). I have had the last chapter of a book and daytime TV to keep me going! My knee is still not happy at the moment, so I had to stay indoors!! It has been a slightly depressing week, and I thought that come today when I was reunited with all my crafting items that I would be rearing to go.

Image my disappointment to realise that my heart's just not in it today!

Its one of those days.....I've pottered around doing not much really, and half heartedly trying to make cards. Its a bit weird to be honest! I'm blaming the snow (and my dodgy knee), I just want to curl up in bed and try and keep warm....or I want to stuff my face with comfort food all day! Neither of these things are particularly productive though!

Anyway, thats my moaning out of the way......I have managed to make one card that is worthy of sharing....and it fits in with a couple of card challenges which always makes me happy!

Over on Cute Card Thursday they have a challenge called "All New!" and they want to see cards with a new theme.....I opted for the new stash option and used a new present topper that I have been given for Christmas (part of a set). The DT have come up with some fab examples to inspire you:

The layout I have used for this card comes from Mina at Truly Scrumptious Challenges. Its the first time I have visited this blog and I love it! Check out the DT examples for this challenge: As well as the layout they gave an extra optional challege of using pink, green and black as the colour scheme......not sure what happened...I seem to have missed the green out! Whoops!

For the card I used a black and white funky flowers backing paper, along with some bring pink card squares. I then used two circles - the bottom one is a hatched vellum and that is topped with a circle of handmade paper. I added the present topper and some little flowers for a girlie touch!

I'm hoping that tomorrow I will get my mojo back and will be maling cards all day...but for now I think I hear my bed calling!

Just before I last thing....HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHEREE! Hope you had a fab day Hun! xx

Thanks for stopping by,
Wedgie xxx

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I'm a card making weirdo!

Morning everyone - I've made an overnight discovery.....I think I might just need a doctor's opinion, but I'm pretty sure that I might be obsessed with crafting!! After I posted last night and did some Tweeting, I then found myself hunting for more card challenges to do....thinking to myself that I'd write them down and complete them over the next week.......then I found one that I really liked.....and you guessed it.....I started making the card!! It was 11:30pm and there I was in my PJs making another card! I'm mad! The central heating was cooling down, my cosy bed was calling out to me....I couldn't feel my toes....and yet I carried on making away! What a weirdo!

Anyway, I'm pleased to share with you my latest make, which was design to fit in with the card challenge over at the Caardvarks blog - since my success with the last sketch card I decided to challenge myself and make another...luckily thats the challenge: The sketch was a nice simple one and the DT have produced amazing cards - each one so different, but all using the same sketch in one way or another - take a peek!

I've followed their sketch exactly, using a pre-printed Papermania card for the green backing, I then layered a piece of plain blue paper on top. I created the scalloped edge by cutting by hand (hence the little wonky look!). I've used mini flowers with a Papermania gem in the centre and tiny buttons as the embellishments, and a pre-printed sentiment which I cut to size. Finally I used some trusty glitter glue to make the little lines (slightly wonky once again!).

Anyway, just a short post this morning...but watch this space...there are plenty more card challenges out there for me to get stuck into!

Hope you have a good day and thanks for stopping by.
Wedgie xxx

Monday, 4 January 2010

New beginnings....

...evening everyone - Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful new year, mine was spent on the sofa at a friend's house while our other halves played Scaletrix all night - yes you read that correctly....ALL NIGHT!! I had a little go, it was fun, but long can watching little cars go around the same track be exciting for?? I suppose thats why I am a girl!!

So, another year has you'll know I've already set my resolutions and I'm pleased to say that I have already acted on one of them too. Over the holidays I did some surfing on the internet (as you do) and came across this fab website: that features everything cute and handmade! It truely is a celebration of cute handmade items - take a look and see for yourself! Inspired by my resolution of believing in myself more I contacted Brooke the blog host and applied to be featured. I checked my emails today and to my delight found an email from Brooke saying that I will be appearing on the blog! This is soooo cool, and I am a tad bit pleased with my efforts! I think I am appearing on 12th Jan - so watch this space! This is a great start to the new year!

Talking of new beginnings that is the theme of a card that I've created that fits into no less than three card challenges this week (yes, I am very pleased with myself again!). To be specific we're talking new babies......

....the basis of this sweet new baby card is the Sketchtastic challenge over on Cute Card Thursday. If you visit their blog they have provided the basic sketch to base your card on: I'm only just getting into this concept of card making and I am really enjoying it. For inspiration the DT have produced an array of fab designs. The theme for the card came first from the Secret Crafter Saturday Challenge - the ladies there wanted to see projects featuring New could be anything from new home, to weddings to new babies....again the DT produced some amazing designs: While thinking about which new beginning to design I took a look at the Cupcake Craft Challenges blog and found my final they are looking for new baby cards! It was obviously meant to be!

The card is made using lots of pink scrap paper, layered as the sketch shows. I've used a foam purple "Baby" sentiment, which compliments the pink and lilac rocking horse topper. Both the sentiment and the image are raised slightly, giving the card some depth. I've also used pretty ribbon to add a delicate touch to the card. I was quite pleased with how this has turned out.....

Before I go I just want to share one other mini project with you - this one features my favourite embelishment os the've guessed it....buttons!!  I've created this cute hanging ornament using a mixture of buttons from my trusty button box, some leftover ribbon and jewellery wire.

First off I selected the buttons I liked best and created the heart shape on my craft desk. I then cut a very long piece of wire and started to thread the buttons on one at a time. I shaped the heart as I went along, and then finally attached the ribbon at the back using the wire. This was actually a fairly difficult project, probably because I did use a ridiculously long piece of wire which kept pinging about the place! I thought I was going to poke my eye out at one point! Its not perfect yet, but I'm sure there is a saying about practice (and patience) making perfect! It was so cute I wanted to share with you!

Anyway, another long blog - sorry! Just so much to share this time.....I haven't been able to access the internet since New Year's Eve!!!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my makes - maybe even given them a go yourself!

Wedgie xxx