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Friday, 22 January 2010

Not so much pink today.....

......I was asked yesterday to create a Birthday card for someone's brother - the only theme I was given was the colour blue and they wanted me to include his name, but he has no particular hobbies to include on the card. Wow! So much freedom to design what I fancied! However, as you'll all be aware from my blog my cards often turn out very cute and girlie!

After much deliberation I decided to start picking through my stash, finding all the different bits of blue paper I've got. I then sat and moved them around on a card until I came up with a layout I was happy with. This process was actually quite fun - seeing the different layouts appear before my eyes. Anyway, here is the final card, complete with sentiment written on my computer.

It took all my willpower not to add some glitter or buttons to the card! They would have looked perfect on the grey panel in the bottom left hand corner!

While I was in the mood I also decided to create some more cards that could be given to men.......

I have to say it was nice working with papers that weren't pink or purple for a change, I really enjoyed making the mini computer out of cream and grey paper.....but I did miss my glitter a little bit!

Ok, I have to admit it...there was one more card I created last night that doesn't quite fit in with the theme here....well you couldn't expect me to totally neglect my pink papers could you??

Hee, hee! Pink - check, purple - check, button - check, ribbon - check! One cute little girlie card!!

Hope you enjoyed my cards today, thank you for stopping by!

Wedgie, xxx

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