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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Secret Crafter Saturday Challenge - animal antics

I love the Secret Crafter's Saturday Challenge this week....the theme is animals and the DT samples on the blog are all sooo cute:

I hit my card making desk striaght away, but on closer inspection it appears that I haven't got that many aninmal resources in my stash! However I did come across this fab little cow.

I decided to stay as girlie as ever (will I ever get sick of pink?!?) and turn my little cow into a "lovey-dovey" card, complete with little hearts! Ahhh!

Anyway, I hope you like this week's card.....I'm looking forward to next week's challenge already...roll on Saturday!!

Wedgie xx

Ding Dong! Christmas is coming!

Afternoon all....I used to despite those people who started thinking about Christmas as early as September...they always seem so organised (and to be honest I was probably jealous!). But look what has happened...somehow I have become one of them! On Friday evening I spent a lovely couple of hours creating designs for this Christmas.....I didn't go as far as digging out my Christmas CDs...but I did have fun going through my Christmas stash!

Anyway, as you'll see I've decided to stick with what I know best and my first Christmas cards are just as girlie as all my other are the first four that I came up with....what do you think?

I've never really used ribbon on cards before, but I like how it looks on these cards, so I might try adding it to more. I also like the glitter highlighting on the berries....again, another technique that I haven't really used much. I think Santa needs to put in an appearance somewhere, and of course Rudolph...not forgetting penguins, candy canes and of course piles of pressies!

Anyway, hope you enjoy......

Wedgie xx

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Cute Card Thursday - Challenge 79 Buzz Off!

So, I've just spent a challenging couple of hours at my first ever dress making / sewing class...the tutor is lovely, the ladies are all very friendly and encouraging....I just found the actual sewing rather difficult. In fact it took me the best part of the two hours to sew a zip into a piece of the finished result has rather a lot of wonky stitches on it!! Oh well, what better way to relax then to find myself a card challenge to take part in........

The Cute Card Thursday Challenge this week is entitled "Buzz Off!".... ......but the lovely ladies are not being they simply want projects that use a black / yellow combo....which reminded me of one of my favourite Valentine Cards from this year..... Bee Mine!
A really simple card design, made cute with the wobbly eyes on the proved very popular with my friends and work colleagues! I hope you all enjoy!

Wedgie xx

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

One For the Girls!

Ok, I know I just posted, but I've been surfing the blog world and came across a challenge I couldn't resist...mainly because most of my cards always seem to end up girlie! I really struggle to make any masculin cards, not sure why....but instead of dwelling on this potential shortcoming...I embrace my girlie nature!

Anyway...the challenge is from the Secret Crafter Saturday Challenge (Challenge 50)...its one for the girls...any card as long as its girl themed! Great challenge...especially if you like pink and fluffy....which I do!

So, here is my little entry......I hope you like it! Pink, sparkly and a pair of shoes...what more could a girl ask for??

Wedgie xx

Life's a beach!

So, back in August the boyfriend and I took our annual trip to Newquay.....I love it down there and don't think I will ever tire of the amazing sea air and the views that take my breath away....I always take a million photos! And this year was no exception!

As well as trying to improve my surfing skills (ha, ha!), we ate a lot and generally relaxed...we both needed a holiday and it was a lovely break. On the last morning before we were due to come home I decided to cook my darling boyf a sausage sarnie for breakfast (aren't i lovely?!) cut a long story short I manged to burn my hand quite badly....I'm never going to fry a sausage was so painful!

Anyway, the boyfriend (once he knew I was ok) decided he wanted to go surfing....the burn was so bad I couldn't actually put my wetsuit instead of hitting the waves I followed him down to the beach and wandered about. After bending my sister's ear on the phone for ages (sorry Lorna!) I decided to turn my attentions back to the beach and my camera...and came up with the following card designs:

It took some time to get the writing right in the soft sand, the tide didn't want to play my game and kept washing my words away before I was ready, plus you can see my foot print in one of the cards....but I think it was worth it in the end!
                                                                                         Wedgie x

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Likes, Dislikes and cars!

Hello there all my cyber friends....I realise that I haven't exactly been a very good blogger recently...but here I am re-energised after my holidays and ready to get blogging again!

As well as a new project I've been working on, I thought I'd tell you a little more about likes and dislikes to be precise....since I'm trying to be more optomistic I'll begin with my likes....I love my wonderful boyfriend (always late and dirty, but I love him just the same)......I love coffee (but only the good stuff)....I love reading trashy novels (just finished I Heart New York - fab book)....I love my friends and wouldn't be without them.....I love basking in the sunshine (controversial I know, but I can't help it).....I love chocolate.....I love romantic comedies....I love my Mazda Eunos (its red and shiny).....of course I love my family (they put up with me after all).....I love crafting and learning new skills...and I love talking and giggling!

The things I'm not so keen on in life include mushrooms (I can't stand the texture, that goes for steak too)...also not keen on people with bad manners or worse still no manners at all.....I'm not a fan of the song YMCA (and I'm not sure why everyone loves it sooo much).....I hate liquorice.......traffic jams also upset me! There is probably more but I won't bore you today.

I'm quite excited about my latest project....I've been refining my car card making skills and I'm quite are some of the results.....

The detail isn't quite right yet, but practice makes perfect and the comments I've had from friends and family has been very positive. I'm aiming to be able to provide people with personalised cards, complete with the make and model, the correct colour (or as close as possible) and number plate. Its early days, but wanted to show off!

Anyway, thats about all for now...I'll be back soon with some more this space!
Wedgie xx