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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Ding Dong! Christmas is coming!

Afternoon all....I used to despite those people who started thinking about Christmas as early as September...they always seem so organised (and to be honest I was probably jealous!). But look what has happened...somehow I have become one of them! On Friday evening I spent a lovely couple of hours creating designs for this Christmas.....I didn't go as far as digging out my Christmas CDs...but I did have fun going through my Christmas stash!

Anyway, as you'll see I've decided to stick with what I know best and my first Christmas cards are just as girlie as all my other are the first four that I came up with....what do you think?

I've never really used ribbon on cards before, but I like how it looks on these cards, so I might try adding it to more. I also like the glitter highlighting on the berries....again, another technique that I haven't really used much. I think Santa needs to put in an appearance somewhere, and of course Rudolph...not forgetting penguins, candy canes and of course piles of pressies!

Anyway, hope you enjoy......

Wedgie xx

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