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Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year's Resolutions??

Morning all - see I told you I love having time off from I am again....and yes I have been crafting again!! First of all though I've been thinking about resolutions....New Year Resolutions to be precise. At this time of year magazines, telly, friends and family are all asking what resolutions we'll be making for the coming year....I always rack my brain and come up with the same old ones that I never keep....stop biting my nails, get fit etc, etc!

This year I've decided to make a couple that I can keep.....I want to go to places that I've never been to, those places that I always think I'd like to visit but that I never have time to go to....I want to go to the Tate Modern and see what all the fuss is about and I want to experience a ballet (Becca would you like to join me on this one??). There are loads more places, but thats a good start. Its not necessarily about me-time, I'm happy to enjoy my experiences with others, its more about actually making time to do the things that I enjoy.

My final resolution is a big one - I'm going to start believeing in myself and my abilities.....I enjoy card making and love sharing my makes with everyone and I've always said I want to set up a small business selling them, but I've never actually got around to doing it - there is always something holding me back. Hopefully this resolution will help me with this little this space!

Right, I'll stop rambling now and show you my latest makes...thats if you're still reading and didn't switch off in the last two paragraphs!!

I've really enjoyed making these cards, and have turned to my collection of old craft magazines for inspiration. My favourite magazine and the one I subscribe to is PaperCraft Inspirations - always full of great ideas!

The first card features a guitar, crafted out of blue and yellow paper. I created my sentiment on the computer, highlighted it using more yellow paper and I added music notes as a backing.

The second card is another one that could be given to boys as well as girls (no pink paper or glitter for a change!). I've created a game console controller from white and grey paper, along with some coloured dots for the buttons. Again, I used my trusty computer to create the sentiment.

The final two are directly inspired by the pages of PaperCraft Inspirations (Jan 2010 issue). The flowers are created from pink and green paper and I've added a little glitter to this one (couldn't resist!). Mum thinks these aren't delicate enough, but I like them!

I've created a London scene for the last one - my imitation Big Ben is again made out of coloured paper and lots of glue! The bus has been attached using 3D adhesive pads, giving a little depth to the card.

I enjoy creating cards like this, using paper to create images rather than using pre-made embellishments. There is something very satisfying about the process. You may not get it right first time, but try again, as when you get it right you'll be really pleased with yourself!

Anyway, this is probably my last blog of 2009 - thanks for joining me and I hope to see you again in 2010!

Happy New Year!

Wedgie xxx

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Thank You!

Evening all. thanks for dropping by. If you're a regular reader you'll know that I got pretty spolit this Christmas with loads of fab presents. I am pleased to say that I've been using my time off really well and I have already made my thank you I just have to remember to send them! Ha, ha!

I wanted to show you a selection of the cards that I have created......

....first off is my favourite one, which features my embellishment of the moment...BUTTONS! I really like using buttons as they add a new dimension to the cards and make them more touchy feely.

On this card I have used a beautiful piece of backing paper and complemented it with rose coloured lacey ribbon and three buttons (chosen from my new Cath Kidston button box - thanks mum!). I like the number three for embellishments, not sure why, but I think it looks better. I've chosen three different colours to add interest and I have hand sewn them onto the paper.

I've finished off with another of my favourites - sparkly glitter glue!

A very pretty card I'm sure you'll agree!

My next two cards show off a new technique that I've been experiementing with....stamping...well to be honest I am rubbish at stamping, so I've been a little decadent and bought the images from EBay......

......I still think its a new technique however because I colour them in myself. I use pens called Whispers Strokes from Sugarloaf Productions. They come in vibrant colours and have a thick and thin nib, which means they are great for general colour and for more delicate work.

Buttons, ribbon and glitter glue all make an appearance again!

Finally I'd like to show you a very colourful card, I've kept this one simple using a pretty backing paper, co-ordinating papers on top and a cute little paper flower...topped off with another button (I told you I like buttons at the moment!).

Again the button is hand stitched onto the card, and I've used glitter glue to add sparkle.

There are others too....but I don't want to bore you! I'm enjoying not being at work, its nice to be able to relax when crafting instead of trying to cram a whole load of cards into one evening.

As well as crafting I have been to the cinema with my sister, done a little antique shopping (sis bought the most amazing tea cup trio from the 1830s) and I've even coloured my hair again! Shame that work is calling....still I have till the 4th Jan to enjoy and indulge!

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed these cards.........Wedgie xxx

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Meet Dave the Alien!

So, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.....I certainly did...I was spoilt rotten, which was lovely. A big thank you to all my friends and family.  I got a lot of crafty bits and pieces and a lot of much needed storage....I promise to be neater in 2010...ha, ha...who am I kidding??

Anyway, I've been busy crafting as usual and I'd like to introduce you to my newest little creation.....

Dave the Alien

Dave is made out of scrap felt, I used green for his body and a gorgeous purple for his eyes and arms. He has a little purple sequin on his belly and a hand stitched smile. He is stuffed and I used a simple over-stitch to hold him together.

As you'll see from a picture below I have turned this one into a fridge magnet, but I also intend to make Dave into brooches and little handing ornaments...he'll appear in my MISI shop one day!

I can see you wondering about the name....thats easily answered....Dave is the name you'll get for a cute little alien if you ask your boyfriend what he should be called! We also have Simon the Elephant in the making!!

Dave didn't appear, it took several attempts to get him first attempt just didn't look he had a separate body and head and I didn't like how it looked.....not cute enough really....

My second attempt got much cuter...his smile is much more appealing and I cut his head and body out as one piece....but in my excitment I only gave him one arm!! Ha, ha!! Take three is definitly the best!

Finally here is the view from the back, I've used crafters magnet which is self adhesive. It comes in a long roll and you can easily cut it to the size you require using scissors.

I'm really pleased with how Dave has turned out....I hope you like him too!

Wedgie xx

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

So, its Christmas's 11am....and I'm still sat on my sister's sofa in my PJs! Ha, ha! For once I've got Christmas Eve off work and I'm not running around making last minute purchases! There is no wrapping to be done...well maybe one of two pressies need a little attention...but on the whole I'm done! Last night I had a fab evening with my sister Lorna and her hubbie Jim, and my two friends Becca and Anika - we ate lots of really naughty food, drank bellinis and watched Elf (a wheeler sister tradition!). I'm now waiting for my boyfriend to pick me in the meantime I thought I'd share one of my last pressies that I made.....

......I can't tell you who this is for because she might click on and see it before she opens it and that would not be good! All I can say is this gift will result in a mini shopping spree.....

On the outside I have used some pretty Papermania paper, and a lovely new stamp I've bought. I've never been that good with stamps, but I've been practicing and I think I'm getting the hang of it. I've coloured the image and added some buttons to the outside as well. I love buttons at the moment, they are appearing on a lot of my cards. I love all the colours and different shapes they come in, and I think they give a fab new dimension to the cards.

When you open the card you find the actual this case a lovely £20 note....but you could put anything in the little pocket really. I've used the same plain papers from the front to make the pocket and added a little glamour with some black glitter glue (weird purchase I made one day, but I love it!).

This last minute make actually manages to fit in with the Secret Crafters Saturday they are asking for last minute gift projects! I love the varied designs from the DT, all so gorgeous....take a peek here:

Anyway, hopefully the lucky person who finds this under their tree will be very happy! 

I want to wish everyone who stops by my blog a very Happy Christmas wherever you are, I hope you have a 
wonderful time. Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings and I hope you like my cards!

Wedgie xx

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Help - I'm obsessed!!!

Oh dear...I have a confession to appears that I have become slightly obessed with a certain fluffy little animal. I've been busy crafting again...thank you cards this time....and I think I got a bit carried away.....take a look at this little lot.......

......I have to admit they are cute...but there are rather a lot of them!

The cute little sheep topper is from a Crafters Companion CD Rom, there is also a cow, a pig and some cute little ducks to choose from. This sheep is part of a decoupage set and her head is given a lift by using 3D adhesive pads. There are other layers that you can add, but I like to keep her simple and only use two layers.

Don't tell the others, but I think my favourite one is the light pink one with buttons. I started using ribbon on cards a little while ago, but this time I decided to try out some buttons instead. I chose three different sized buttons, in three different shades of pink. I sewed them onto the backing paper using pink embroidery thread, before sticking the backing paper to the card blank. Et Volia!

I may be addicted...but I think its worth it...I have a lovely collection of cards ready to send to people after Christmas!

Wedgie xx

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Introducing Hattie.....

....Now I'm hoping that my mum hasn't suddenly got all technical and manages to find my blog this week, because the little lady that I'm about to introduce you to actually appears on her Birthday card.....her Birthday isn't until Saturday and so she hasn't seen this card yet! Hee, hee!

I'd love you to meet Hattie...she's my new cute little sheep friend who will be appearing on my cards in the future......

...she's white, fluffy, loves her jewellery and is very girlie!

Hattie is made from basic white and black card, with fluffy white fabric for her hair and tail. Her features are hand drawn, to give her a cute finish and she has a necklace and a bracelet made out of tiny seed beads. To give Hattie more character I have given her a 3D head.

I've kept the card simple with coloured backing paper, and a piece of pretty ribbon placed down the side. I wanted to type the greeting, but mum was on the computer when I was making the card so I opted for a personal hand written message instead!

I hope you like Hattie as much as I do, I've had fun sketching designs for her and I'm pleased how she finally turned out.

I've been blog surfing again and although I'm a little bit late (again), Hattie is perfect for Cute Card Thursday's most recent challenge "Sew Beady". The ladies over there want to see projects that involve beads and they have come up with some lovely designs:

Hopefully Hattie fits the bill too with her sparkly jewellery!

Thanks for stopping by!
Wedgie xx

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Let it snow!

Well, it is frosty outside at the moment.....I have to say that I really don't like all this cold weather...I'm much happier in the sunshine! One good thing about the cold weather I suppose is that it makes you want to snuggle up in a big fluffy cover with a mug of hot chocolate and either a film or a good book! Everyone enjoys a good snuggle!! Have you seen those new blankets that have been designed? They have sleeves for your arms, so you can be under a blanket and read a book without your arms and shoulders getting cold! Genius idea! Was thinking of investing in one for my craft desk!

Anyway, this week's challenge over at the Secret Crafter Saturday Challenge is all guessed it...snow! They want to see any project containing snow. The DT have come up with some lovely designs this week, all so cute...take a peek here:

Introducing - Frosty the very pink snowlady!

For my entry I decided to use an old design which I came up with last year......not being a fan of the cold Iwanted to make my frosty card cute and appealing...and what better way is there.....lets add lots of pink!

I've used a lovely pink spotty backing paper, with little punched out snowflakes on top as the background to my unconvential snow card. My cute little snowman topper is wrapped up warm in a hat and scarf made out of scraps of pink patterned paper. To complete my snowman I have given him sticks for arms, a carrot nose and googly eyes!

Right, I'm off to play with some fabric this morning I think....I want to try making some more of those little fabric dresses that I showed you in my last blog...been to my local fabric shop and have lots of pretty fabrics and embellishments to play with!

Wedgie xxx

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Ohhhh...pretty dress!!

Evening all! Another late one for me, but its been worth it!

When I Twittered earlier this evening I said that my Christmas cards were calling again...and that I wanted an army of mini penguins tonight...well I'm not too sure what happened, but I haven't got my mini army!!

Instead I made a load of Birthday cards....a bit like this one......I was very pleased with myself as tonight I used up lots of little odds and ends of paper. Its very satisfying...turning something little and cast aside probably destined for the bin (shock horror...anyone who knows me knows that I never through paper out....even the tiny bits!) into a pretty card that will make someone smile!


After that I decided that I wanted to get a fabric fix as I started looking through a new book I've just bought which shows you how to make mini toys....and I got all excited!!

After a flurry of material, ribbon and glue (yes I used fabric glue for the first time!)...I was left with this little beauty.....

......can you tell that I am a little bit pleased with myself?? This cute little dress has a front and a back (althought the front is much prettier!!), it is stuffed to give the skirt fullness and is embellished with a felt flower and a button belt! I've used fabric glue at the top and the bottom, and I've used a blanket stitch down the sides.
Its not perfect....but not bad for my first go!! Practice makes perfect as the saying goes and I'm going to have great fun making more of these!

Anyway, I just wanted to share my latest makes with you - thanks for stopping by!

Wedgie xxxx

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A very productive evening!

Well, I back in the swing of things....even if my knee is still not working properly! Stupid thing!

Anyway, where to start?? I've had a fab evening...crafting my little heart out! I've been listening to christmas music and making sooo many Christmas cards! Made two for a lady in work which she requested today, plus most of the cards I need to send....there was a little production line of Christmas trees and snowmen in my room!! Hee, hee!

I also made the following card which I thought would be brillaint for this week's Cute Card Thursday challenge (Challenge 89 - Swirly Girly!), where the ladies asked to see our girlie we all know I like my girlie cards and so when i saw the challenge I jumped at the chance of creating another one!!

Tis the go shopping! I hope you like it as much as I do! You can see all the DT designs at  .....they have some really lovely cards there I'm sure you'll agree!

I kept my card simple...using small pieces of pink patterened papers for the parcels, and a plain blue background which i added some sparkle to.

Any regular readers out there may notice a slight difference to my blog....and this is the next exciting thing....I've finally added some of my cards onto my MISI page! There are some girlie ones and some Christmas ones over take a peek just use the link on the toolbar!

One other really lovely thing that has happened recently is that I've found the most gorgeous felt designer...not sure if thats what she'd call herself, but its late and words are escaping me right now! I was wandering through blogland recently and came across the delightful paper-and-string blog. Its run by a lady called Sarah and she creates the cutest felt items I've ever seen....I placed an order straight away for some of her fab kits and they arrived today (so quick!!). Sarah had packaged them up really nicely, they were wrapped in tissue and came with the cutest little thank you card! Such great customer service! If you're looking for any gifts for Christmas take a peek at her site.... 
Thanks Sarah!

Anyway, looking at the clock I think its time I logged off...still got to tidy up the mess I made earlier!!

Wedgie xxx

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Christmas Trees!

Evening All - wow I haven't blogged in ages and I've missed it! I've had a dodgy knee recently, which has kept me away from the computer, my craft desk and several craft fairs!! My knee's not completley healed, but I'm getting I decided it was high time to get crafting and blogging again!

Well, what a great place to start...this week's Secret Crafter's Saturday Challenge is all about projects featuring Christmas I decided to put together something a little bit different - with not one, but two cute little trees ready for Christmas......... hope you like it!

I love all the designs created by the DT this week, you can see them on their blog: 

Anyway, I'm glad to be back crafting again.....and looking forward to Christmas!

Wedgie xxx

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Home Sweet Home

Two of my aunts are moving home shortly and so I decided to get crafting and make their new home cards, not leaving family cards to the last min for a change (I still have the Christmas cards for my family that I made too late last year!!!).

I  went with an orange and pink colour scheme for one card....bright and cheerful! With a big flower in the middle, created from a huge punch I bought earlier this year. I added pink ribbon and mini flowers, along with a "home sweet home" sentiment. I was quite pleased with the results.....

I was even more pleased with myself when I checked out the Secret Crafter Saturday Challenge this week to discover their theme for this week's challange is orange and one other colour....spooky!!

The DT examples are as cute as ever...lots of aqua and orange, which I think looks fab.....take a peek here:

The other card I created was slightly more dramatic, using red and black as my colour scheme. I used some black lace, cute mini punch flowers and my sentiment:

Hope you like my designs and hope my aunts don't find them on here before I send them!

Wedgie xx

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Candy Corns!

Time for a cheeky card challenge before bed I think!

I've just visited Cute Card Thursday and this week they want a sweet treat...they've asked for our sweet/candy projects. I love the DT examples....all very cute:

So, I put my thinking cap on and tried to think sweet thoughts...not sure whether I'm hungry or simply obsessed with cupcakes, but thats what sprung to mind! So, here is my card....not technically a sweet, but I hope thats ok.....I can guarantee everyone that my cupcakes are always a sweet treat!

As you can see I am back to my true girlie self after a couple of challenges where pink didn't feature....but I don't think you can feature cupcakes without a little pink!!

I like this card as its very simple to make, with a pink patterned background, the sentiment is printed on white backing paper and then the little cupcakes are made out of scraps of paper that I had on my craft desk. I finished it off with little metallic buttons for the cherries. Simple but effective!

Wedgie xx

Feeling Paw-ley?

I've been on a bit of a craft shopping spree recently and bought loads of new bits and pieces on the internet. I've been waiting patiently for everything to arrive and yesterday the wait was over!

I was so taken by some very cute puppy toppers that I bought on EBay that I got crafting straight away and came up with the following.....

These really cute little puppies come from Theresa who has a shop on EBay called Cardtoppings. You get 24 little toppers, printed on quality card, each one measuring 8cm x 8cm...there are six different designs in this set. I think they go perfectly with my get well sentiments!

I've used various papers to make bright and cheerful get well cards, trying to create something to make the poorly person smile!

Theresa has all sorts of other designs in her shop, all very cute and worth a look!

Wedgie xx

Friday, 16 October 2009

Boo! Spook Fest Time!

Halloween will soon be upon us, and Cute Card Thursday has got us celebrating early as they want to see our spooky cards or projects. There are pumpkins, witches and a little vampire all featuring on the DT cards this week - all very cute...take a peek:

Well I've managed to steer away from pink for yet another week to join in the fun...I did however manage to sneak in a little purple....

I have put this together using my craft box that I keep at my boyfriend's place and to be honest I'm amazed I managed to make anything as my supplies were really low. Note to self....I need a little shopping trip...woo hoo!

Anyway, I've used scraps of paper and a little bit of sticky ribbon as the background, my pumpkin friend and the word BOO! are attached using sticky pads to add some depth.

I've never made a halloween card before and I really enjoyed this challenge.

Wedgie xx

Monday, 12 October 2009

Autumn Charm!

Whoops...I'm a bit late this week...must be all those Christmas cards I seem to be making at the moment!

Anyway, I decided to try and be clever again this week and combine two challenges into one card....over at  Cute Card Thursday they want to see our projects that feature a charm...either shop bought or homemade. You can see the lovely DT examples here While the ladies at Secret Crafter Saturday Challenge want to see projects with an autumn colour scheme, again the gorgeous DT cards can be found here

So, thinking that I usually make very girlie, pink cards I had to put my thinking cap on this week! I've had some charms that someone gave me last Christmas and I've never used, so I thought I pick my favourite one and start there. This is the design i came up with..... looks a little wonky because of my stupid scanner, but I hope that makes it look more rustic! I'm not 100% convinced about the colour scheme, but I do like the charm. I picked it because it reminded me of a spider's web.

So, a walk on the wild side for me....colours that I'm not too sure about, but hey it's good to try different looks out once in a while!

No doubt I'll be back to my girlie-self very shortly!

Wedgie xx

Sunday, 4 October 2009

More Challenges!

The sea air has obviously been invigorating!! I've got the urge to do a couple more challenges before bedtime!!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and therefore we have been asked to "think pink" over at 3 Clovers Thursday Challenge #33! I'm good at pink....its pretty, girlie and I love it! In fact loads of my cards feature this delightful colour! Meanwhile at High Hopes Challenge 47 they want us to pile on the layers with their challenge - Lotsa Layers!

So, I decided to combine these two lovely challeges and came up with this little card. Girlie and pink, with several layers...this card can be used for any occassion!

I'm a little new to this layering lark.....I usually leave that to my winter wardrobe! However, I really enjoyed making this card - trying out the different pinks that I've got in my stash, hunting out the perfect piece of ribbon and using my flower punches. Great fun!

This is also the first time that I've combined two challenges, hopefully it's worked out well and I've covered both briefs!

Hope you enjoy!
Wedgie xxx

Celebrate with Secret Crafter Saturday Challenge!

Evening all - hope you all had a fab weekend. I've been visiting my aunty down in Bognor Regis with my sister...and yes, we didn't break the tradition...we went paddling in the sea! It was a tad bit cold to say the least, but we couldn't visit the seaside and not dip our toes in the sea!!

Anyway, its time to celebrate and say a big happy blogoversary to the lovely ladies at the Secret Crafter Saturday Challenge: To celebrate they want to see projects involving a I put my thinking cap on and came up with this....

I wanted a slightly different celebration rather than the usual Birthdays or anniversaries, and when I was thinking about the things I have celebrated in the past I remembered passing my driving test. I was a rather nervous driver to start with and although my driving was good my nerves always seemed to get the better of me....I finally passed on my third test (fourth if you include the test that the car failed because of a dodgy indicator but I don't like to count that one!!) and I was sooooo pleased. I actaully wanted to kiss the tester, but decided it was better not to!

Anyway, this card is to celebrate passing your driving test - whether you managed it first time or twenty-first time!!

Hope you enjoy!
Wedgie xx

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Secret Crafter Saturday Challenge - animal antics

I love the Secret Crafter's Saturday Challenge this week....the theme is animals and the DT samples on the blog are all sooo cute:

I hit my card making desk striaght away, but on closer inspection it appears that I haven't got that many aninmal resources in my stash! However I did come across this fab little cow.

I decided to stay as girlie as ever (will I ever get sick of pink?!?) and turn my little cow into a "lovey-dovey" card, complete with little hearts! Ahhh!

Anyway, I hope you like this week's card.....I'm looking forward to next week's challenge already...roll on Saturday!!

Wedgie xx

Ding Dong! Christmas is coming!

Afternoon all....I used to despite those people who started thinking about Christmas as early as September...they always seem so organised (and to be honest I was probably jealous!). But look what has happened...somehow I have become one of them! On Friday evening I spent a lovely couple of hours creating designs for this Christmas.....I didn't go as far as digging out my Christmas CDs...but I did have fun going through my Christmas stash!

Anyway, as you'll see I've decided to stick with what I know best and my first Christmas cards are just as girlie as all my other are the first four that I came up with....what do you think?

I've never really used ribbon on cards before, but I like how it looks on these cards, so I might try adding it to more. I also like the glitter highlighting on the berries....again, another technique that I haven't really used much. I think Santa needs to put in an appearance somewhere, and of course Rudolph...not forgetting penguins, candy canes and of course piles of pressies!

Anyway, hope you enjoy......

Wedgie xx

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Cute Card Thursday - Challenge 79 Buzz Off!

So, I've just spent a challenging couple of hours at my first ever dress making / sewing class...the tutor is lovely, the ladies are all very friendly and encouraging....I just found the actual sewing rather difficult. In fact it took me the best part of the two hours to sew a zip into a piece of the finished result has rather a lot of wonky stitches on it!! Oh well, what better way to relax then to find myself a card challenge to take part in........

The Cute Card Thursday Challenge this week is entitled "Buzz Off!".... ......but the lovely ladies are not being they simply want projects that use a black / yellow combo....which reminded me of one of my favourite Valentine Cards from this year..... Bee Mine!
A really simple card design, made cute with the wobbly eyes on the proved very popular with my friends and work colleagues! I hope you all enjoy!

Wedgie xx

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

One For the Girls!

Ok, I know I just posted, but I've been surfing the blog world and came across a challenge I couldn't resist...mainly because most of my cards always seem to end up girlie! I really struggle to make any masculin cards, not sure why....but instead of dwelling on this potential shortcoming...I embrace my girlie nature!

Anyway...the challenge is from the Secret Crafter Saturday Challenge (Challenge 50)...its one for the girls...any card as long as its girl themed! Great challenge...especially if you like pink and fluffy....which I do!

So, here is my little entry......I hope you like it! Pink, sparkly and a pair of shoes...what more could a girl ask for??

Wedgie xx

Life's a beach!

So, back in August the boyfriend and I took our annual trip to Newquay.....I love it down there and don't think I will ever tire of the amazing sea air and the views that take my breath away....I always take a million photos! And this year was no exception!

As well as trying to improve my surfing skills (ha, ha!), we ate a lot and generally relaxed...we both needed a holiday and it was a lovely break. On the last morning before we were due to come home I decided to cook my darling boyf a sausage sarnie for breakfast (aren't i lovely?!) cut a long story short I manged to burn my hand quite badly....I'm never going to fry a sausage was so painful!

Anyway, the boyfriend (once he knew I was ok) decided he wanted to go surfing....the burn was so bad I couldn't actually put my wetsuit instead of hitting the waves I followed him down to the beach and wandered about. After bending my sister's ear on the phone for ages (sorry Lorna!) I decided to turn my attentions back to the beach and my camera...and came up with the following card designs:

It took some time to get the writing right in the soft sand, the tide didn't want to play my game and kept washing my words away before I was ready, plus you can see my foot print in one of the cards....but I think it was worth it in the end!
                                                                                         Wedgie x

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Likes, Dislikes and cars!

Hello there all my cyber friends....I realise that I haven't exactly been a very good blogger recently...but here I am re-energised after my holidays and ready to get blogging again!

As well as a new project I've been working on, I thought I'd tell you a little more about likes and dislikes to be precise....since I'm trying to be more optomistic I'll begin with my likes....I love my wonderful boyfriend (always late and dirty, but I love him just the same)......I love coffee (but only the good stuff)....I love reading trashy novels (just finished I Heart New York - fab book)....I love my friends and wouldn't be without them.....I love basking in the sunshine (controversial I know, but I can't help it).....I love chocolate.....I love romantic comedies....I love my Mazda Eunos (its red and shiny).....of course I love my family (they put up with me after all).....I love crafting and learning new skills...and I love talking and giggling!

The things I'm not so keen on in life include mushrooms (I can't stand the texture, that goes for steak too)...also not keen on people with bad manners or worse still no manners at all.....I'm not a fan of the song YMCA (and I'm not sure why everyone loves it sooo much).....I hate liquorice.......traffic jams also upset me! There is probably more but I won't bore you today.

I'm quite excited about my latest project....I've been refining my car card making skills and I'm quite are some of the results.....

The detail isn't quite right yet, but practice makes perfect and the comments I've had from friends and family has been very positive. I'm aiming to be able to provide people with personalised cards, complete with the make and model, the correct colour (or as close as possible) and number plate. Its early days, but wanted to show off!

Anyway, thats about all for now...I'll be back soon with some more this space!
Wedgie xx

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Cute Card Thursday - Challenge 63! Nip and a punch!

Evening everyone! I haven't blogged in ages...where's my commitment gone?? The truth be told I am ever so slightly busy at the moment, what with my boss being shipped off to another part of the company, being a bridesmaid for one of my close friends, my Brownie commitments and of course my crafting.....I seem to have let my techno side slip a little!

Anyway, onwards and upwards...I have seen this weeks challenge on Cute Card Thursday and thought I'd give it a go. This week its all about punches and die cuts. I was bought a lovely die cutting machine for my Birthday one year, I believed I would use it endlessly and it would be a fab investment. However, I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I hardly ever use it! I've got this lovely machine and all its doing is collecting dust!! My problem is there is just too much choice when it comes to card making and I'm so easily distracted! Whoops! Anyway, I've started using my lovely machine again and I am enjoying the die cuts it gives me.
One of my favourite cards that I've made with the machine recently is this lovely black and white wedding card. I wanted something simple with butterflies and think the end result is just gorgeous (even if I do say so myself!). I've used black backing paper, followed by a black and white heart design paper, topped with my mum's gorgeous Conquerer Paper (sorry mum - I've stolen more!) and then I added the two die cut butterflies from my machine and a little glitter.....there always has to be a little glitter! I like using the textured paper on top as it gives the card a slightly more elegant finish.
Right just a quick show and tell this evening - I'm full of ideas and have an evening of card making planned! Hope you like my butterflies!
Wedgie xx

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Cute Card Thursday - Challenge 60 Letters & Numbers

Ok, I've been inspired by all the lovely comments people have left me and have decided to add some more cards straight away! There's no stopping me now!

Friends ask me to create bespoke cards for Birthdays and Wedding Anniversaries, and these often involve numbers. This fits in nicely with the first ever blog challenge that I've decided to do. I found out about while surfing through some fab blogs, and this weeks challenge is Challenge 60 - Letters and Numbers - a perfect chance to show off my creations!

This card was created for a friend's parent's wedding anniversary! He loves cooking, she loves gardening, they are both musician's and in the background of the card is one of their favourite pieces of music. I really enjoyed creating this card as it is really one of a kind!

I also like doing number Birthday cards, I like this pretty pink card for a 40th Birthday.
As always, hope you like the cards - let me know your thoughts!
Wedgie x