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Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year's Resolutions??

Morning all - see I told you I love having time off from I am again....and yes I have been crafting again!! First of all though I've been thinking about resolutions....New Year Resolutions to be precise. At this time of year magazines, telly, friends and family are all asking what resolutions we'll be making for the coming year....I always rack my brain and come up with the same old ones that I never keep....stop biting my nails, get fit etc, etc!

This year I've decided to make a couple that I can keep.....I want to go to places that I've never been to, those places that I always think I'd like to visit but that I never have time to go to....I want to go to the Tate Modern and see what all the fuss is about and I want to experience a ballet (Becca would you like to join me on this one??). There are loads more places, but thats a good start. Its not necessarily about me-time, I'm happy to enjoy my experiences with others, its more about actually making time to do the things that I enjoy.

My final resolution is a big one - I'm going to start believeing in myself and my abilities.....I enjoy card making and love sharing my makes with everyone and I've always said I want to set up a small business selling them, but I've never actually got around to doing it - there is always something holding me back. Hopefully this resolution will help me with this little this space!

Right, I'll stop rambling now and show you my latest makes...thats if you're still reading and didn't switch off in the last two paragraphs!!

I've really enjoyed making these cards, and have turned to my collection of old craft magazines for inspiration. My favourite magazine and the one I subscribe to is PaperCraft Inspirations - always full of great ideas!

The first card features a guitar, crafted out of blue and yellow paper. I created my sentiment on the computer, highlighted it using more yellow paper and I added music notes as a backing.

The second card is another one that could be given to boys as well as girls (no pink paper or glitter for a change!). I've created a game console controller from white and grey paper, along with some coloured dots for the buttons. Again, I used my trusty computer to create the sentiment.

The final two are directly inspired by the pages of PaperCraft Inspirations (Jan 2010 issue). The flowers are created from pink and green paper and I've added a little glitter to this one (couldn't resist!). Mum thinks these aren't delicate enough, but I like them!

I've created a London scene for the last one - my imitation Big Ben is again made out of coloured paper and lots of glue! The bus has been attached using 3D adhesive pads, giving a little depth to the card.

I enjoy creating cards like this, using paper to create images rather than using pre-made embellishments. There is something very satisfying about the process. You may not get it right first time, but try again, as when you get it right you'll be really pleased with yourself!

Anyway, this is probably my last blog of 2009 - thanks for joining me and I hope to see you again in 2010!

Happy New Year!

Wedgie xxx

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