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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Ohhhh...pretty dress!!

Evening all! Another late one for me, but its been worth it!

When I Twittered earlier this evening I said that my Christmas cards were calling again...and that I wanted an army of mini penguins tonight...well I'm not too sure what happened, but I haven't got my mini army!!

Instead I made a load of Birthday cards....a bit like this one......I was very pleased with myself as tonight I used up lots of little odds and ends of paper. Its very satisfying...turning something little and cast aside probably destined for the bin (shock horror...anyone who knows me knows that I never through paper out....even the tiny bits!) into a pretty card that will make someone smile!


After that I decided that I wanted to get a fabric fix as I started looking through a new book I've just bought which shows you how to make mini toys....and I got all excited!!

After a flurry of material, ribbon and glue (yes I used fabric glue for the first time!)...I was left with this little beauty.....

......can you tell that I am a little bit pleased with myself?? This cute little dress has a front and a back (althought the front is much prettier!!), it is stuffed to give the skirt fullness and is embellished with a felt flower and a button belt! I've used fabric glue at the top and the bottom, and I've used a blanket stitch down the sides.
Its not perfect....but not bad for my first go!! Practice makes perfect as the saying goes and I'm going to have great fun making more of these!

Anyway, I just wanted to share my latest makes with you - thanks for stopping by!

Wedgie xxxx

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