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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Thank You!

Evening all. thanks for dropping by. If you're a regular reader you'll know that I got pretty spolit this Christmas with loads of fab presents. I am pleased to say that I've been using my time off really well and I have already made my thank you I just have to remember to send them! Ha, ha!

I wanted to show you a selection of the cards that I have created......

....first off is my favourite one, which features my embellishment of the moment...BUTTONS! I really like using buttons as they add a new dimension to the cards and make them more touchy feely.

On this card I have used a beautiful piece of backing paper and complemented it with rose coloured lacey ribbon and three buttons (chosen from my new Cath Kidston button box - thanks mum!). I like the number three for embellishments, not sure why, but I think it looks better. I've chosen three different colours to add interest and I have hand sewn them onto the paper.

I've finished off with another of my favourites - sparkly glitter glue!

A very pretty card I'm sure you'll agree!

My next two cards show off a new technique that I've been experiementing with....stamping...well to be honest I am rubbish at stamping, so I've been a little decadent and bought the images from EBay......

......I still think its a new technique however because I colour them in myself. I use pens called Whispers Strokes from Sugarloaf Productions. They come in vibrant colours and have a thick and thin nib, which means they are great for general colour and for more delicate work.

Buttons, ribbon and glitter glue all make an appearance again!

Finally I'd like to show you a very colourful card, I've kept this one simple using a pretty backing paper, co-ordinating papers on top and a cute little paper flower...topped off with another button (I told you I like buttons at the moment!).

Again the button is hand stitched onto the card, and I've used glitter glue to add sparkle.

There are others too....but I don't want to bore you! I'm enjoying not being at work, its nice to be able to relax when crafting instead of trying to cram a whole load of cards into one evening.

As well as crafting I have been to the cinema with my sister, done a little antique shopping (sis bought the most amazing tea cup trio from the 1830s) and I've even coloured my hair again! Shame that work is calling....still I have till the 4th Jan to enjoy and indulge!

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed these cards.........Wedgie xxx

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