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Thursday, 28 January 2010


Evening All! Hope you're all well on this rather miserable evening.

I'm a little over excited at the moment as mum just took me to our local Tescos....yes this may sound odd to you and you may be questioning exactly why this has heightend my mood...but picture this...I've been a non-driver since November thanks to one dodgy knee! Only able to go to places when somone is around to take me....this is rather limiting to be honest! Although I can't thank my lovely friends and family enough, they've all been fab over the last couple of months. This evening I was moaning about running out of the basics like tuna for my sarnies and my lovely mother offered to take me to Tescos! I spent a small fortune after wandering around for ages, but felt soooo liberated! Hee, hee!

Anyway, no challenges tonight...I just wanted to quickly share some cards I've made this evening which feature handmade champagne bottles that I've crafted. These are so simple to make, you just cut the main bottle shape out of green card, and then the lable and neck bit out of gold card. Stick them together et volia!
To add a bit of glitz I've curled and attached some gold wire to the back of the bottle and then once the bottle is secured on the card I had a little gold glitter for the bubbles!

For both of these cards I've secured the bottle using 3D foam pads, lifting the bottles off the card. This looks great when the glitter is then added to the card below. 

You can make these for loads of different occassions - they also look good with a pink bottle base and silver lables. As you can see from the second card, champagne glasses can be easily created too. I've used a gorgeous white shimmery card, and added a little more glitter glue to add some detail.

I've also been working on another project this evening, which I am very excited about as its somehting I've been dreaming up for a while now. I can't share it this evening though as its still drying at the moment...but watch this space....

Thanks for stopping by folks.
Wedgie xxx

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