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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

British thanks!

Wow - its a white wonderland out there again! Although there isn't as much snow as before the roads are rather chaotic this morning! Its funny how all this white stuff grinds the UK to a halt so effectively! In try British spirit I think most people are trying their best to get on with normal life this morning - hence all the traffic jams!!

A friend of mine has some American visitors with her at the moment, I wonder how they are enjoying their wintery visit to London! She has asked me to create a thank you card with a British theme that will be going back to the States with them. I had to have a think about this make as there is so much you could put on a British themed card - the obvious being the Union Jack maybe (or at least thats what I found when I searched the internet for inspiration).

In the end I decided to use the Union Jack colours as the base for the card, although as you'll see I didn't actually use the flag itself as I wanted something slightly more unique. Instead I used blue and red paper in the background and some white ribbon. I also added a piece of map showing a bit of cenral London.

I opted for a red bus as a topper, as you find these in lots of images of Britain. I've used red and black paper for the bus and printed my thank you message on the windows using my computer. Although looking at it now I'm not sure that anyone else will realise its a bus!! Hope my friend approves!

I also wanted to add the Queen onto the card some how.....after thinking about my artistic skills I decided that trying to create the Queen out of paper would be a big mistake and so used some old postage stamps instead.

I know there are loads of other items I could have used and I'm sure people would argue this isn't British enough or question why I didn't include certain images, but I didn't want to overcrowd the card and I'm happy with how it looks - just hope my find likes it too!

Anyway, I've got to go outside and brave all this white stuff in a minute - better wrap up warm! If you're out and about today take care!

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