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Friday, 12 February 2010

In the Name of Love

Evening everyone....have you noticed anything funny this week? There seems to be a lot more pink and red in the shops, the radios are playing a lot more love songs than usual and there seems to be hearts everywhere you look! Yes, its that time of year again....Valentine's Day is just a couple of days away!

So, what's your opinion on the day?? Is it just a commercial holiday driven by the shops to make us spend our hard earnt pennies?? Or is it a day dedicated to telling your loved one just how special they are? I hope that my boyfriend knows exactly how special he is to me - I tell him I love him often enough! He has been so brilliant over the last three months - it can't exactly be much fun having a girlfriend with a dodgy knee! I've been using my crutch since mid November, I get tired sooo easily and my moods have been rather irratic. But has he moaned? No, he's been brilliant - looking after me, driving me around everywhere and listening to my moans! He's evening cooking me a Valentine's dinner.

Why all this talk of love and Valentines?? Well, over at Cute Card Thursday this week the card challenge is love themed projects. The DT have created some gorgeous cards, take a peek here for some love inspiration! To be honest I wasn't going to make anymore Valentine's cards, but hey you know me - I can't resist a card challenge! So here is my last Valentine's card for this year:

I've used a gatefold card for this project, so it opens in the middle. I've kept the colours soft, using light grey and a soft pink for a romantic touch. I used a piece of grey backing paper on each side and then cut various sized rectangles from white paper to put on top of the grey. The grey hearts were created on my computer, along with the sentiment. The pink hearts are punched out of the pink paper.

Once assembled I added a little glitz to the card with my trusty glitter glue. A simple, romantic card perfect for telling someone how much they mean to you.

One of my other hobbies is to collect old postcards, there is something so charming about them. I love reading what has been written on the back - a tiny piece of someone's history captured forever on a small piece of card. Looking at my collection I have realised that I haven't got any Valentine postcards, so I've been on the internet looking at images and I came across these wonderful cards:

I wonder who sent these cards and I wonder what messages they contained! I've heard it said that e-cards will become more and more popular as we become more environmentally aware. It would be sad if people stopped sending tradtitonal paper cards altogether though - I don't know about you, but I don't tend to keep e-cards, they get deleted fairly quickly....and that's a little bit of history lost forever!
Happy Valentine's Day - I hope you have a lovely time whatever you're up to.
Thanks for stopping by,
Wedgie Xxx

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Leann said...

This is beautiful!
Thanks for joining us over at CCT this week :D
Hugs x