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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Becca's Famous Friend.....

....that's me!! Ha, ha!

Morning everyone...hope you're all well and not too chilly in this new bout of wintery weather. Well, Becca is one of my best friends and she declared last night that I am her famour friend after I told her my latest news. Take a little peek at this.....

This is the new Papercraft Inspiration's out in the shops next week, I'm a subscriber so I get it a little earlier (fab perk!!).

Anyway, back in December I'd made a couple of cards inspired by some of their pages, I was quite pleased with the results so I sent them into the magazine and wrote them a little note about enjoying their magazine. I also put them my blog. I then promptly forgot all about it!

Imagine my surprise yesterday as I flicked through the pages and saw my cards staring back at me! How cool! If you look at the magazine page, mine are the collection of three cards on the right hand side! To say I am a little chuffed is an understatement - what a buzz to see my own work in print!

Anyway, thats enough showing off from me today - I am just so pleased I had to share!!

No new cards this morning, but I'm sure there will be some either later today or first thing tomorrow. In the meantime I hope you have a fab day whatever you're doing!

Thanks for stopping by,
Wedgie Xxx

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