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Saturday, 1 January 2011

12 days of Fluffness!

Hello everyone...Happy New Year!

I've decided to start 2011 with some blogging no cards from me today (come back tomorrow I'll have one then I promise!!). Instead I've played along with Sir Stampalot's bloghop and I've had a go at Faye's 12 days of Fluffness! If you get the chance in the next couple of days play along! are my answers to your questions....I had a lot of fun reading your blog...while munching on lots of chocklit!!

1. How old is Sweet Cheeks?  2 years
2. What is the name of my Mum's Blog? It's an alien life

3. What are my favourite colours? (Clue; they're not what you might think they are!)
Hmmm...this was and brown maybe...or purple and green...or yellow???
4. We recently moved, but from which county? Devon
5. How many posts did I write in August? 16!
6. Which two Challenge Blogs do I play on? Sweet Stampin! and Cupcake Craft Challenge!
7. When is my birthday? (Clue; I was on holiday!) 15th March
8. What is my favourite crafting item? Stamps!
9. Name the alternate reality I inhabit? Faye World (which I'm pretty sure is a lot like Wedgie World!!!)
10. I love this as much as crafting, what is it? Easy! Chocklit!!
11. What do we refer to my Dad as? (Bonus stash if you can tell me what his remedy for anything is?) Doc Shingles and his rememdy is "take a bottle of white lightening"
12. Once Upon a Time, I had a career in? You were a pastry chef, a restaurant manager and you worked in HR.
Fingers crossed I've got these right!
Right, I'm currently sat in bed with my laptop burning through my duvet, so I suppose I better turn the light off and say goodnight!
Thanks for stopping by today and see you soon!
Wedgie xxx

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Faye said...

Thanks for playing and good luck! xxx