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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Well I did it...I survived my 30Th Birthday and all the celebrations....I had a fab time, and more importantly I didn't experience any longings for getting a blue rinse perm!! Ha, ha! My friends and family and my fab boyfriend all spoilt me rotten...I've felt like a princess for the last couple of days...shame it can't last longer!

Presents included a new camera, the tickets to Mama Mia, my gorgeous little MX5 has been given a makeover (improved paint work and new wheels) and my sis and her hubby bought me a For Your Eyes Only photo shoot!! For anyone who hasn't heard of FYEO I will enlighten you...its a female only photography studio who specialise in boudoir piccies....yes my little sis has paid for me to have photos taken in the buff!! Ha, ha! In fact you don't have to be totally in the buff, you can take along your favorite undies, sexy stockings, that kind of thing.......I'm not sure they'll be impressed with my Bridget Jones pants though! Seriously - I can't wait! The message that went with the voucher said "So when you're 60 you can look back on the photos and see that life wasn't so bad!"

I also got a lot of craft things - gorgeous beads and papers, new craft books and things to organise my creative obsessions!! So, that means I will be getting into the swing of things and getting lots of cards and jewellery made in the next week or so. That coupled with my new camera mean that hopefully I will be able to show off some of my creations very soon!

Anyway, its late now and I need my beauty I'm off to bed!
Night, Night!

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