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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Thank yous all around.... first thank you is to everyone who has decided to follow me...hopefully its my amusing prose that has tempted you rather than the desperate note to my first entry! Those of you that are following me will have noticed I have added a photo of myself...gorgeous don't you think (and yes that is really me)?! I searched high and low for a mature photo of myself because I know people always question my age....I get asked for ID when buying a bottle of wine in my local supermarket for goodness sake! I wouldn't mind so much if the person asking for my ID looked old enough to serve me alcohol!! I suppose that's my second thank you to my lovely mum for passing on her super young looking genes!!

Talking of age and looking young, I turn 30 later this week...and I can't quite believe I've reached 30 already....someone should really tell you that once you hit about 21 someone, somewhere pushes the fast forward button on your life! Instead of Birthday wishes from the Queen when you hit 100, someone official should really send you a warning when you're younger!! I always thought I'd be married with two little girls by the time I reached 30 (yes my dream life was that precise!), but I've had a good look around and there is no husband hanging around, and definitly no children running about the place!

No instead of that life, I am reaching 30 with a wonderful boyfriend who is 2.5 years younger than me and I'm still living with my parents (in their dining room no less!). I did rent my own place for about four years, I had a fab time living with my sister and then she decided she wanted to move in with her boyfriend. I asked if I could move in with my parents for a couple of months, to save some money.........hmmm....that was just over two years ago! Whoops! Oh, plus I still haven't really saved anything! Double whoops! So, this thank you is to both mum and dad for putting up with me for soooo long!!

Still, I wouldn't go back and change a thing about my life so far....I'd still make all the same mistakes, and still experience all the same things that I've been through...why? Because thats what makes me who I am today....and when I look in the mirror I like who I see! I might talk too much, be a tad bit too bossy and be a bit of a clean-a-holic, but I don't mind!

I've already been lucky enough to have one Birthday treat this week - my fab best mate took me on a surprise trip last night - she took me to see Mama Mia at the theatre...what a fab treat! We sang and danced the evening away - it was brilliant! She also made me an amazing photo album full of little messages and photos....she found stickers to match each page, its brilliant....I knew I could convert one of my friends into a "crafty" person sooner of later!! So my biggest thank you today goes to my best mate Becca - thanks hun, you're a star!

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