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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Been Drifting!

Drifting - sliding a car around a track sideways. This is Joe's passion - he lives and dies for drifting and I've been a passenger in his car several times now. It's fast, its noisy and I get covered in rubber....but I love it!

So, Joe and I have been together for nearly two years and he's finally agreed to let me know a go in his drift car (this is big - his car is his baby, he probably loves it more than me!!). I was supposed to go last month for my Birthday, but I had problems with a trapped nerve in my neck so gave that one a miss.

This morning we got up nice and early, headed up to Santa Pod all excited.....Joe went out on the big track a couple of times and then he said the words I'd been waiting for....."So, do you want a go now?". Then the engine started making a banging noise...his bottom end had "gone" so no drifting for me today!

Then a friend called Matt said I could have a go in his car......excellent, I started getting excited again....Matt went out for another skid and then got told his car was too noisy!! He could only carry on if he made it quieter!! For goodness sake - its a drift car, they are supposed to be noisy!!

If you ask me there is some kind of conspiracy going on here!! Oh well, back to crafting!


Autumn Rose Crafts said...

Love the blog make over, Sarah :)

Anonymous said...

That must have been sooooo frustrating. Hubby and I both love cars though I've never been drifting, it looks like so much fun. I'd have been getting very annoyed if I were you!!!

Blog looks fab though!!!

Laura xxx

Helen said...

As much as I love cars I'm too much of a chicken to drift, doing it accidently up the M6 once due to some idiot lorry driver was more than enough times for me! Hope you get a go soon :o)
Blog's looking great btw!