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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Teacup Cupcakes!

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by cards in this post....just some cupcakes!

I've had a lovely evening...I came home from worked and decided to baked some cakes. I couldn't decide which flavour I wanted to make today so I made three! I made vanilla cupcakes, coffee cupcakes and scrummy raspberry cupcakes using my mum's homemade raspberry jam....

Next I needed to decorate them....I started with some traditional butter icing piped onto the cakes, I then sprinkled liberally with pink sugar glitter.....

I then decided to get creative with some royal icing......

I am soooo pleased with these cakes....they're not perfect, but for a first attempt I am extremly proud of my mini teacup cupcakes! I rolled my royal icing very thin and then wrapped it around the cold cakes, stucking it in place using a little sugar syrup. I then created the handle using a little more royal icing, which I fixed in place with more sugar syrup. I finished the cake off with a swirl of butter icing.

Apparently they are as tasty as they look....mum has already polished off the cupcake at the front of this picture. She was last seen grinning broadly and licking icing from her fingers!

Thanks for stopping by today,
Wedgie xxx

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Donna said...

Yum, Yum Wedgie...these look delicious and so creative too! So sorry for being such a bad blogger this last couple of weeks...I hope to rectify this over the Christmas holidays :) Donna x